Pancake Interception 11-2k15

Another run on my fave route. First time with the Salsa! Andrew and I met up about an hour ahead of the rest and took off. We made good time and only stopped for about 5 minutes at the Sykesville Convenience store rest stop.


We stopped a bit later and took some photos at Andrew’s request. (He was running the route in reverse at this point)


And then breakfast. Everyone else showed up about 20 min later:


With relying on my phone for a camera, I haven’t been taking too many shots while on the go lately. Here’s one I had to stop for…


The long stretch went pretty well this time around. I’m noticing that each time we ride this a little bit more of the gravel is disappearing… We had a bit of a headwind for the morning and we turned out of it at just the right time. Before I knew it I was catching up to the rest of the group.


I really need to start making better food decisions:


We ripped through the last 20 miles or so with just a bit of a tailwind to help us along and had plenty of time to meet up at the taphouse in Mt. Washington for oysters, fries and a few beers. Always a good time, but this one was especially good.

Numbers: miles – 100 | moving avg – 13.2 | overall avg – 11.8 | elev gain – 7664′ | Here’s the rest of the photos: flickr

East Shore Camping

This one is already 3 weeks gone but man it was a good time. Ken and I made a trip to the Henlopen Sunday-Tuesday for some car camping at the beach.

A little hiking:


A little riding:


A little beer:


A bit of bikes:


Burned some stuff and hung out, that’s about it. Good times! Here’s some more photos here: flickr I’m good till spring I guess.

Coffeeneuring Challenge #7.5

Redemption for yesterday’s ‘tossaway entry’. How pleased was I when I looked last night and saw that the official books weren’t being closed till the end of this week…

Date: Monday, 11/16
Location: Rock by the stream along Guyton Rd. Hydes, MD.
Drink: Leftover coffee w/ a bit o’ milk.
Miles: 23.1mi.
Bike: Velo Orange Randonneur.
Lesson: Someone strung up a rope swing along the stream. I didn’t try it out because 1) It’s November & 2) I’d be that guy who ends up hanging upside-down from the rope because I got my ankle caught. About 19 miles of main route and a few extra around the neighborhood to round off the odometer on my gps to the next 100.




Coffeeneuring Challenge #7

I didn’t even want the coffee:)

Date: Sunday, 11/15
Location: Dunkin Donuts on Emmorton Rd. in Abingdon, MD
Drink: Coffee w/ cream & sugar.
Miles: 8.76mi.
Bike: Velo Orange Randonneur.
Lesson: I started this to get out of the house a little bit and for that it worked. I had grand visions of longer rides and more exotic destinations today but when I woke up this morning it didn’t happen. I need a lesson in motivation. The weather outside today was way too nice to waste on housework like I did. Also, the new SKS fenders are much better than the aluminum Honjos. No shimmy, no weird pulls from headwinds, they just work and the breakaway mounts on the front wheel already saved me once from a lodged stick. The front fender does suck up leaves something awful but that’s to be expected for longboards which come within 2″ of the ground…


Coffeeneuring Challenge #6

Good thing I checked on the due dates. I was planning on finishing off Sunday and Monday. That’d be too late…

Date: Saturday, 11/14
Location: Bridge at the stream in the valley on Plumtree Rd. Bel Air, MD. I started out south and rode along Winters Run for a while. As I was riding, there were a bunch of places that called out to me as good stopping points. I had my heart set on visiting Harford Glen for my coffee stop so it only made sense that the gates were closed when I got there at the end of my ride. After taking a minute to say “NOOOOOOOO” to myself I turned around and rode back to the last place I thought would be a nice stop. Didn’t dawdle too long but did see 2 does bounding through the woods while I sat in silence.
Drink: Coffee.
Miles: 18.6mi.
Bike: Velo Orange Randonneur.
Lesson: Sometimes getting out of the house is the hardest step. The winds beating on the house did not sound inviting this morning.


Coffeeneuring Challenge #5

Stopped out for a quick pick-me-up to get through my yard work today.

Date: Monday, 11/9
Location: “Coffee Coffee” in the Festival at Bel Air. The most “coffee shop-esque” coffee shop I have stopped at yet…
Drink: Large Mocha Latte.
Miles: 3.7mi – I looped around my neighborhood once to make sure I met the 2 mile requirement but it apparently wasn’t needed.
Bike: Cross Check again. Cool to have a bike in the stable with flats installed.
Lesson: There’s no place to lock a bike up out front of Coffee Coffee. I took a cable lock this time and ended up just using it through the wheels. Could have tethered it to a post 30 yards away but seemed unnecessary for the 5 minutes I’d be inside. Welcome to the ‘burbs.

Foamy goodness & a blurry bike…

Coffeeneuring Challenge #4

The One Way Trip. I stopped and got a quick bite to eat before the group ride on Sunday. Still in it to win it.

Date: Sunday, 11/8
Location: Mount Washington Starbucks – Starting from my usual parking space for Bob’s Ramble rides near the Hopkins campus.
Drink: Coffee – small black – tasted kind of overbrewed.
Miles: 4.4 – Rode through Hampden and up Roland Ave. I cleared my gps before the event, but this was the balance of my previous odometer reading minus the event distance. Seems pretty close.
Bike: Salsa Warbird. I was going to do the “different day – different bike” thing this year and just realized that I’ve ridden the Warbird twice. oopsy. Maybe next time.
Lesson: Sunday morning rides are the best.

Look closely above and the bike is outside at the rack.

Here’s a closer pic I snapped later at the first rest stop of the organized ride.