Touring Commuting Build

Well after several hundred miles of riding, I finally came to the decision that the Trek 930 was too small for my 6 foot 1 inch tall self. Thanks to Craigslist, I found a suitable transplant recipient.


Pretty rough in it’s original form, but most all the parts I needed were there.


The Bottom bracket was seized pretty well, but after half an hour of wrestling it in a vice, it broke free. The plastic side was a little less lucky. That had to be ground out with the Foredom. Side note, the welds on this frame are pretty ugly. Oh well, it’s lasted this long, they can’t be that bad.


A little rust awaiting me inside to fix up. I usually start taking pictures, then get caught up in the act of working on solving the little problems that come about, and end up with only 3 or so shots, accompanied by the final product. This project was no different. So here’s the final product.


Salient points are as follows.

All parts are pretty much transplanted off the Trek, Except for the new bottom bracket, saddle, bars, brakes, shifters and levers. Ok. That’s a little more than I was expecting to replace, but it’s all exactly what I want, unlike the majority of new complete bikes out there.

I was more worried about the bar-end shifters than anything else, but aside from finding some n.o.s. thumb shifters, there isn’t too much out there that would be compatible with my old—but still functional—7 speed drivetrain and also fit on road bars. They’re 9 speed, but I set them up in friction mode, and they are GREAT. The 56cm Nitto Moustache bars are the BEST. 100 times better than a flat bar with enders. Many more hand positions.

After a few miles, the frame has really grown on me. Works well enough for the road, and when I want to take it off road, or in the snow, there’s enough tire clearance for some 2 inch treads and fenders. The Brooks saddle is very nice. The longest ride I’ve been on with it was 25 miles, so I don’t know if it’s comfortable for the long haul, but I have a good feeling about it. Can’t wait to load it up and take it on an overnight trip.
All the remaining parts were plenty to build the Trek back up exactly as it was. My sister and brother-in-law can enjoy it now!

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