Kinetic Sculpture Race!!!

It’s back and better than ever! Click here for the details. This is one of those things that I always forget about till the last minute. Probably one of the most awesome spectator sports out there, and if I had a covered carport or garage and 75 hours a year to waste I would definitely be breaking out the welder to build something. Think ‘Red Bull Flugtag’ with less (not to be confused with NO) intentional crashing into water. It’s fun for 3 reasons, (1. You get to see all the cool fantastic human powered machines that drive around the harbor. (2. It’s a fun day rain or shine to get out and meet a bunch of cool people. (3. You haven’t lived till you see the expression on the face of some uninitiated dude in a suv when a giant paper mache teapot pulls up next to him at a red light.


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