ANOTHER big weekend…

Saturday we had dinner at the Prime Rib to celebrate wife’s parents 30th anniversary. Us and 8 of our closest relatives…we bought down the house. I entertained myself earlier on in the day by firing up the espresso machine for the first time in about 2 weeks. Need to spend some time ranting about coffee too. Sweet sweet coffee. The only thing I miss with my new job is my leisurely weekday mornings where I’d hang out in the kitchen and pull a few shots before driving to work. Later I washed the wife’s car, and took the Trucker out to the store, post office, and bank to get a few more miles in. Sunday, more ESPRESSO in the morning, then I went for my 15 mile route down St. Paul street towards Federal Hill and back to check out Light St. Cycles, which is one of the few Balto. bike shops that I’ve been past, but never but never went in. The Surly performed admirably in traffic. St. Paul st. REALLY needs repaving. I almost bought a pair of fenders, but I wouldn’t have had any way of easily getting them home. The help was nice, but since she was the only one there, and there were 2 other customers who wanted to do test rides, I didn’t bug her too much. Sunday evening we had the first Steamed Crabs of the season. Tweaked the brakes and derailleurs while watching ‘Running With Scissors’ (BIZARRE MOVIE). Great weather, and good times.


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