Fool in the rain

Graduation week is over, and it doesn’t even feel like I just had 2 days off. With cleaning up around the house, cooking, shopping, and the 4 or 5 small paint projects I finished up for when we had company over today, it’s been non stop since last Sunday. Few parties to go to this weekend, but I hope to break out and run a few errands on the bike between the festivities and scattered showers the weather is calling for. I missed Bike to Work day since I didn’t go to work on Friday, but my commute on Wednesday made up for it. Checked the weather Wed morning, and it said 40% chance of showers. Decided to chance it, but rode the Craigslist Special instead of the LHT. All day long it was sunny to partly cloudy. Around 4:15, just when I was getting ready to clean up my desk, the wind started to blow and all the trees started to sway back and forth. Then the skies opened up and rain started to pour out in near biblical proportions. I hung out at my desk fooling around with a string of PHP I was working on for an extra 20 minutes waiting for a break to no avail. After half an hour, I gave up waiting it out and started cruising home. It was a total monsoon. I fought the rain the entire way home. No sooner than I turned onto my block did the clouds start to break. A little ironic, but the experience taught me nearly everything I need to deal with the WORST rain. Next time I’ll be prepared with a pair of rain pants, my helmet cover, and a bag cover at my desk at work. Sweet. In the grand scheme of things, if I had to weigh my dislike of biking unprepared through a monsoon against any of the traffic jams I’ve been stuck in over the past 11 years of commuting, I’d take the bike in a heartbeat.


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