Bike to Work Week lives on

Spurned on by the awesome weather we are having here in the central north east, I just completed my first week ever of biking to work. After my experience in the rain last week, I did some thinking and started planning for foul weather contingencies so that I could continue to ride through the seasons. My ride is only 2.5 miles one way, so I’m not going to get nominated for super commuter or anything, but I did the math and realized that if I just did that little bit every day, by the end of the year it would add up to over 1200 miles! Fantastic. It also does wonders for my stress level to get even 20-25 minutes of exercise a day. Makes me a little sad to think of all the years I logged 5 times that distance in a car to make it out to my old job in E-city. Oh well, live and learn. While on the topic of forming new habits, I want to take a minute to mention how bored I am with the habit of logging all the food I eat that I started in earnest again 194 days ago today after my wife and I got back from our honeymoon. Yes, I have lost some weight, and learned many things in the process, but it is a painful task. It is doubly painful knowing that given my successes in the past followed by subsequent lapses in weight loss that I will most likely be doing this for the rest of my life. It is a simple, repetitive, and BORING task. Oh well.

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