mmmmmm. Rambly.

Sorry in advance for the run-on sentences. I’m running on fumes right now. May and June hopefully will be the biggest months of the year this year. I need a respite. This weekend I was up in PA, and my sister and I put the first REAL work in (at least I did, she’s been working with others for months) towards PA Vent Camp, which she’s been volunteering with since practically it’s inception, and that I got started with a few years back. For the uninitiated, it’s a camp for kids with ventilator dependencies that due to the intensive amount of medical care that they need, would not otherwise have an opportunity to experience an independent ‘away from home’ summer camp experience. Anyway, every year we do a theme, and being on the activities staff with my sister and friends, we come up with all the crafts, and work on themes, activities, decorations, and the like. My special skills with my art degree and background in home improvement is to troubleshoot mechanical problems with the crafts they come up with for the kids, conceptualize, sketch, build and decorate props when necessary. I’m also ‘Mr. Bicycle’ amongst those of us in activities, so I get to log 50-75 miles riding back and forth carrying supplies between the craft pavilion, activity shed, and cafeteria for everyone. Since schedules are so tight this year, we’re thinking outside the box, and I’m not building as many of the props out of plywood and 2×4’s as in years past. Tonya also told us that she’s tired of having to load all of the stuff I make into the moving van to carry it back and forth between the storage shed and camp. We spent a large chunk of the weekend thinking of ways to make some large props using simple, relatively inexpensive, and LIGHT materials. Lots of progress, and we figured out exactly what we can accomplish before camp at the end of June, but I’m a little worse for wear having spent the weekend sleeping on my sisters couch, brainstorming, and shuttling between the Lowes, Fabric outlets, and craft stores looking for inspiration. Almost got to see my nephew play baseball on Saturday, but the game was called in the 3rd inning when my sister and I were about 1000 yards away from the field on account of some lightning. Bummer, but we did get to play catch in the back yard for a little bit later on, so that was good.

No riding in the last few days because I’m still recovering from my first running that I’ve done in 2 years at the local park on Thursday night. The wife and I decided to get out of the house for a few minutes, and go for a walk. I, feeling a little more inspired, put on my hr monitor, and did intervals where I’d run 40 or 50 yards away from her and run back, then walk along for a minute or so until my heart rate went back down to about 125 or 130, then do the same thing over again, continuing the process for about 2 laps around the park, or half an hour. Right now I can tell you EXACTLY which muscles are exercised by running which are not conditioned by cycling. My sister, who just happens to be a physical therapist, listened to me explain which muscles hurt, and then told me what function each muscle plays in running. Informative, but it did not help the pain subside in the least. 🙂 Time to sleep and let the muscles repair for a few more hours…

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