Ride – Last Friday

I’ve been away for almost a week, so I haven’t been at the computer. But lots has been happening in the meantime, so I just have to start whittling away at it. Last week when I left for camp, I was going up to my sister’s house, and like a big dummy, I left my key ring with her house key at home. I entertained myself with a brief mountainesque 9 mile ride over at Gifford Pinchot to see just what kind of terrain I would feel comfortable taking the Long Haul Trucker on. Short answer is almost everything!
pinchot climb
To the Left of the day-use area, there’s a short, steep climb with some small rocks and roots. I looked around for one of the ‘no bikes’ signs, all looked clear, so off I went granny gear and all.
At the top there WAS a sign. Maybe you just aren’t supposed to descend? Oops. I looped back around on the wide gravel path around the back side.
At the bottom there was a ‘steep grade’ sign, so I had to try that way too, but not before a loop around the south(?) side of the lake and the campground. Getting traction while climbing on the crushed stone was 10 times harder than the hard-packed trail, even with the roots and what-not. There was lots of wildlife out even for mid-afternoon
Pinchot Trail
The other side of the park (north?) of the Day use area has some nice small trails too, complimented by a wider path which follows the edge of the lake. Over here I found some obstacles that were a little more than I could handle…
Pinchot Boulder
I’ve ridden around this park a bunch of times, but I swear I’ve never seen this boulder. Massive.

Very good beginner off road trails, and lots of fun to goof around on. Another trip here when I had my mountain bike, I spent half an hour just hopping on and off the boulders in the day use area. It was not a long ride, but the park was deserted since it was a business day, and it was a bunch of fun to get out in some beautiful weather and goof around for an hour or two. It’s been a while. Quick update on camp, work, and a few final accessories to finish off the bike to come!


One thought on “Ride – Last Friday

  1. You were exactly 4.5 miles from my place. That rock is famous for the local super-model wannabes to take their nude shot poses on. Right around the corner is a rack where I stored my rowing shell when I was training. Hope the camp is going/went well. It’s been a steamy week.

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