Weekend Wrapup

After visiting the Eastern Shore last weekend, this weekend was relatively low-key by comparison. Hanging out around the house, doing chores, and hosting dinner for friends on Saturday. Every time we have friends over for a cookout, I make corn on the grill. There’s a system to how I do it where I pull the corn husk back and remove the silk, rinse it, spread a mixture of softened butter, salt, and spices all over it, replace the husk, then wrap it in foil before putting it on the grill. It takes FOR-EV-ER to do, and every time I swear it will be the last time I do it because it’s such a pain… But oh, it is so good….

I bought a set of MKS tour pedals a few weeks back to make it a little easier to take the Trucker out for commuting, errands, and quick in-town rides. After the first ride, the left pedal immediately started knocking, and on breaking it apart, found out that the MKS factory apparently views grease on bearings in a pedal to be an optional accessory. No problem, A little lube and half an hour later, I had both pedals apart, greased, and back together. Everything was ok until this Saturday when I went up to the local grocery for some espresso beans. The knocking had returned with a vengeance. I’m not 100 percent confident of my pedal adjustment skills, so it was time to take it apart and try a second time. None of the bearings or the races appeared to have any marks on them, so hopefully, they’ll work this time. At the same time I got a set of MKS half-clips to try out since they were only $12 or so. Figured they’d give some of the benefits of clipless pedals without the pain of having to wear the shoes. After trying them for the first time on my in-town jaunt today I’m giving them the thumbs down for myself. First thing, they hurt my toes in street shoes after only 8 miles or so. Second, the Time Atac pedals I have are easy-in, easy-out. The flat pedals by themselves have great traction, and only require a little extra concentration to keep my foot centered on. Nothing compared to the 10 seconds of fiddling I have to do every time I have to step back into the MKS Half Clips after stoplights and the like. I also find it to be an incredible pain to have pedals that are only one sided. If I want the efficiency of a clipless pedal for a long ride, I’ll just get out a wrench and change the pedals before I leave. Oh, and for the record, Time pedals rock.

On riding, I’m running lots of short errands around town and riding to and from work, but no long rides lately. Last weekend, I had planned a trip while I was on the Eastern shore to ride from my friends’ house in Delmar to Assateague Island to camp for one night, but backed out when I changed my work schedule around for camp and didn’t have Friday off any more. I also decided against it because Maryland and Delaware campgrounds don’t accept reservations for just one night, so I’d end up paying double if I stayed for just one day. I didn’t go on a trail ride this week just because I’m feeling a little sluggish getting out of bed in the morning on weekends due to my work schedule getting me up an hour early every day. When I rolled over at 6am this morning, I just looked at the clock and rolled back over. That makes me a little depressed, and I really feel like I should have gone for a long ride today. My short in-town rides have had me on a few new hilly routes through Roland Park which are serving to keep me somewhat fit at least.

One thought on “Weekend Wrapup

  1. Warning!!!
    Clipless pedals are very dangerous.
    I’ve been riding bicycles continuously since I was 5. Have even commuted to work year-round in suburb north of NYC, Had been using Shimno clipless pedals for about 10 years and had several occasions when I couldn’t release from the pedal and dumped over. The last time, at age 58, caused my right hip to fracture. I needed 2 surgeries and 6 months of rehab. After the accident I found out about two other cyclists who suffered hip fractures because they couldn’t release from their pedals.
    Needless to say I took them off my Trek and will never use them again.
    The Pain was not worth the gain.

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