July 07 odo counts

Date Long Haul Trucker Specialized Total miles since 6-1
06-28 92.0 1147.2 63.1
07-09 134.4 1147.2 105.5
07-17 214.4 1154.9 193.2
07-24 256.5 1158.9 239.3
07-31 352.6 1158.9 335.4

2 thoughts on “July 07 odo counts

  1. I find the climb from Glen Rock to New Freedom can be deceptive, and take more out of me than I realize. Serenity Station is interesting in how the clientele change around 5:00pm from trail bikers to more formal diners sitting out on the patio. The fam and I stopped their for lunch one day, and I was really impressed with their menu. None of us opted for the holistic massage, though.
    Your post has inspired me to get back down there one of these days.

  2. Didn’t see the holistic massage… The rest of the menu looked pretty good. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in the correct mindset to read over everything and make a complicated choice. Just wanted fooood. Usually I like to try new things when I’m out of my area code 🙂

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