Cateye Micro Wireless mini Review

I picked up one of these a few months ago, and it’s just like all the other Cateye computers I’ve ever used. Reliable and fairly easy to use, if you read the instructions. Truth be told, part of the reason I bought this one was that I didn’t want to learn the interface of another computer manufacturer, but still, it’s not that difficult to learn. Anyway, there is one small glitch in the wireless. If I place the computer down next to my cell phone, the wireless signal from the phone will kick on the computer. That would probably wear down the battery after a while. The one time at work, it even logged 10 minutes and a few hundred yards worth of riding for me. So, if you want to save your wireless computer battery, keep it away from other wireless stuff. Other than that, I’ve been very happy with it. — Update, Next Morning… Of course as soon as I would write something about the battery life being good, one of the batteries would die. In this case, the transmitter battery. So if you’re wondering, those transmitter batteries are probably good for about 400 miles on a 700cc wheel, 35c tire. (My hypothesis in wheel size is that smaller wheels would make more revolutions, therefore sending more signals which might affect battery life further.) — Checked it out when I got home. I just knocked the wheel magnet out of alignment with the sensor. Battery is fine. Duh.

Update – 12-14, Still feel the same way about Cateye’s products. I’m putting this bike in storage for the winter months and both batteries (the transmitter and receiver) are still going strong at about 667 miles. We’ll see how well it does in storage, and next spring as well. Here’s a link to the online manual, which I find myself googling every 6 months around daylight savings time for changing the time…

Update – 4-23-08, Battery still going strong after 900 or so miles. Got a new phone and the wireless glitch seems to have gone away, so I think it was mostly my Motorola Razr that was causing the problem.

Update – 6-25-08, Finally replaced the battery in the transmitter (at the wheel) and the computer this weekend at 1160 miles. The batteries were showing their age by not transmitting the signal the full 16ish inches from the wheel to the computer. The only annoying part of it was that the computer would register speed at the beginning of the ride and then cut out somewhere in the first few miles—kind of the way a flashlight with dead batteries is bright for a few seconds and then gets dim really quick. Anyway. Took me a few minutes to figure out what the problem was. It would have been nicer if it had just died quickly.


2 thoughts on “Cateye Micro Wireless mini Review

  1. I just installed the Cateye Micro Wireless and it doesn’t seem to work. Please assist. It is mounted on the stem, the sensor is about 13″ away from the computer. When the spoke sensor passes the transmitter it clicks softly. I changed BOTH batteries just in case. The wheel size setting has been entered. when I start it, and spin the wheel, all I get is the timer counting, nothing else changes, speed and distance remain at 0.

  2. If the timer starts counting when you spin the wheel, it should log the speed and the distance as well. With new batteries, 13″ should be close enough. Maybe try mounting it on different angles/locations on the handlebar? I’ve notice that sometimes it picks up a signal worse at different angles. Sorry I can’t be of more help than that.

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