Post Thanksgiving week writeup…

Well we survived turkey birthday week with little damage! Lots of stuff happened, and I’m still digesting it all, no pun intended.

We looked at the last house we were interested in with our contractor friends before the holidays, and while it was fundamentally stable, there were a lot of little things that would need attention, like warped sills along the roofline, rotted out frames with cracked paint on the windows, and a furnace that looks like it came with the house 53 years ago. Regardless, we were still interested, because the location and size was right, and I’m handy. We put in an offer based on the work we would be putting into it, and exhaustive research on recent sales cross-referenced with tax records. Unfortunately, reason was exercised to no avail and we only succeeded in “offending” her with our offer. Oh well. We’re packing it up for 6 months or so until some new stock comes on the market. There’s not too much good in buying so you can get a good interest rate if you can’t get a good price and a good property to go along with it.

My birthday came and went, and I got a set of Schwalbe Marathon Cross 38c tires to stuff on the Trucker. Mmmm. Meaty.


I had to pull the fenders and do some hacks to get the clearance I needed to keep them from rubbing. The first 3 rides I had problems with rattling when I hit bumps and even when I stepped on the pedals the wrong way, but after disassembling the rear mount a few times and tweaking the steel bracket, I finally found the way to twist it so that it operates quietly. The front still gets a little tire rub when I hit HUGE bumps, but I need to pull the whole thing off and file down the top of the mount to get a little tire/fender room, and I don’t feel like it now. I also swiped an idea I saw on the Rivendell page before they removed the ‘readers rides’ section where someone fashioned a rear fender spacer from a slice of wine cork. Probably would have looked a little cooler if I had a real cork one with some nice silk-screened pattern on it, but a synthetic was all I had for right now. It worked awesome I must say.


This week I’ve been sick and carpooling into work. With the time off for Thanksgiving, I haven’t exercised in a week. I feel like I’m moving in slo-mo right now and sleep sounds good almost 24-7

I also got some kitchen gadgets – a lodge ceramic coated cast iron dutch oven and a Kitchen-aid submersion blender. We put those to task to make some of our some-day-to-be-famous butternut squash soup. AWESOME. We could eat it 3 meals a day for weeks on end.

Finished repainting the trim and installing the quarter round trim around the living and kitchen room floor. That looks good for a change. I fixed the cat5 network jack I put in the living room when I installed the cable hookup 2 months ago.

Last but not least I took some time this weekend to finish retouching and resizing my pictures from Poland. I started uploading them to Flickr, but had to stop because I went over my quota for the month. December first tho, I’ll be done! wow! only 2+ months. I’m on fire.

Wieliczka Salt mines. This 54 meter long hall (St. Kinga’s Chapel) is nearly 100 meters underground, and is almost completely comprised of salt from the floor (regularly polished by tourists feet) to the chandelier crystals, to the ornate carvings on the walls. It wasn’t until I wanted to snap photos in near darkness underground that the real benefit of lugging a 1+ pound wide angle lens with me everywhere I went in Poland really paid off. This shot is a perfect example of one of the challenges I give myself when taking ‘tourist’ photos in places with really large groups of people, and I try to time the shot to make the place look like we’re the only ones there. There must have been 50 people less than 5 feet out of the camera plane šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Post Thanksgiving week writeup…

  1. I’ve heard a lot of good comments on the Marathons – nice ride and flat proof.
    As for fenders, it seems to be an artform. I know exactly what you’re talking about with the front bracket… a dremel tool with a cylinder grinding stone does a good job at “ovalizing” the hole.

  2. The crosses have a little more aggressive a tread than the regular marathons. They have that ‘hummm’ as you go down the road like snow tires on a station wagon, but I don’t feel slower. Even if they are, .125mph is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes from knowing you won’t suffer a tire blow-out in rush-hour traffic. I’ll get around to fixing the front fender some time. Thanks for the dremel tip.

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