The old Giant is being recalled into service. After we had the snow/sleet/slush last week I took the lht off the road to give it winterization and storage. I couldn’t tell if they salted the roads at all or not, but that was going to be my cutoff for bringing winter transport into service. I didn’t want to get into making a whole bunch of changes, so I just took my fenders, saddle, lights, rack, pedals and computer off the Specialized and slapped them on. Rides fine. Fenders rattle, and I’ll take some time to troubleshoot, but the space between the brakes and the tread is really slim, so side to side shake is all I’ll probably be able to compensate for. 1 speed is easier to clean off after riding in muck than a derailer and a bunch of cogs or I would have just rode the Specialized as is. If this frame rots out inside from salt and such I’ll be much less sad than if the same thing happened to the lht. The tires are huge and make a hilarious dump-truck humming sound when I go down the road. It’s so loud that a bell would almost be redundant. The low gearing (which will be good in the snow, but I’m mostly enduring because I’m too lazy to throw a larger chainring on) will have me spinning like a madman in no time. See the chart below from Sheldon Brown’s online gear calculator to get an idea of how blistering fast my average speed will probably be…

Gear chart using MPH @ 90 RPM
For 26 X 2.125 / 54-559 / MTB tire with 175 mm cranks
With Custom Sizes Cassette

18 12.3

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