Got a little bit of coffee related gadgetry at Christmas time this year, and it got me experimenting again, and working on building the next top bar tab which will be devoted to coffee, espresso, and the things I’ve learned over the past year regarding these topics. It will in no way shape or form be a comprehensive desk reference or anything. Just a conversation starter amongst friends. I was experimenting with some fresh roasted beans on Saturday morning, and I got the camera out to record results. Sight is not the medium to try an capture this with but since ‘Aroma-internet’ or the ‘tastenet’ have not been invented yet, this is the best I can offer for right now…

pulling the shot
that was the shot as it was being pulled…

crema top
And there’s the final product. The crema here, while not perfect, is some of the best looking I’ve seen in months. The taste was not bitter and had a really nice long finish. All of this, and I wasn’t even using a blend which was optimal for espresso.


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