Venting the I-Roast

Succesfully this time.
(1.) I didn’t set off the smoke alarm.
(2.) The house doesn’t smell terrible
(3.) I didn’t burn myself.


Concealed by the drapes in the photo are the plastic-wrapped hand-cut styrofoam inserts I made to insulate the surrounding area of the window. It all actually looks really good except where I had to dent the hose in order to give myself a place to hold onto it while the roaster is going.

As hot as the exhaust from this thing is, (hot enough to quickly burn through the plastic dryer hose I used in my first attempt) I have a hard time believing others comments that I’ve read about venting to colder outside air changing the roast profile. Maybe they were allowing cold air to blow into the chamber for minutes before starting the roast and cooling the whole machine? Who knows… I’ll transcribe my roasting notes eventually, but this was another 116g batch of the beans I used the other week when I pulled the mythical shot from 2 posts down. I hope the second batch turns out as good as the first. The roast is a little darker than the last. We’ll see how it goes…

**update** I brewed with the coffee Saturday and Sunday and the blend was not quite as good as the first batch. The beans were a little darker, and it was a little oilier than the past round—probably due to the 10 extra seconds of roasting, or the slightly higher temperatures. I also wasn’t 100% on my game when it came to my grind/tamp/brew routine either, so a little sloppy technique might have been to blame as well. All in all it was a 75% quality coffee experience with my last round being in the 85-90% range. I’m not to the point yet where I’m smelling the espresso for berry, nut, and chocolate notes yet, but generally pleased when I don’t need to pour half a cup of milk in my drinks to make them non-bitter. Good times.


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