iroast and kitchen updates

I was busy with minor projects around the house over the last 2 weeks. I finally got everything working well with the I-roast. One last adjustment to my vent with some long ‘frankenstein-neck-bolts’ to attach the vent tube to the hood attachment and give me something to grab so I don’t burn my hands holding it in place with potholders. Works great. Nearly finished with my sampler pack from Christmas, and am about ready to order 2 or 3 pounds of one blend and get down to finessing roast temperatures and times in earnest. There’s always room for improvement. Fresh roasts are working out so well for my Saturday and Sunday morning routine.


Next up I tore down some old shelves I half-built a while back once I realized I was never going to get around to completely-building them. The replacements came in the way of some of those inexpensive modular shelves from Ikea. They needed a little work. This one was exactly .875″ too long for its space, so I had to take a saw to the sides to shoe-horn it into place. I have to take pics of the other 2. They were more heavily modified to make them work for the space but they look pretty good. Now I just have to fix up the wall behind where the old shelves were…


Finally I found one more way to squeeze 2 more cubic feet of storage out of the kitchen by hanging a small shelf and some utensil and pan holders near the stove under my patented 2″ wide cutting board cabinet. Now there’s enough free counter space that we can readily access the spice cabinet (bottom left). The kitchen is becoming a model of efficiency.



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