End of winter rambling

I was just getting to the point when I was really bored with my workout schedule. I’ve been riding into work sporadically. About 50/50 for the first 2 months of the year. Early March I stepped it up to 3 or 4 days a week. This week I was sick Monday, so my riding has been flat. Since Jan 1, I’ve been supplementing my workout with the 60 minute long ‘Time Trial with Chris Carmichael’ video that came with my trainer that I bought 3 years ago. Every Tuesday and Thursday. I must have watched this tape 500 times over the years, and it’s really scary when you’re pedaling up a hill, or into a headwind (a real headwind or hill outside, not a virtual one) and you start quoting the narration from the video in your head verbatim for minutes on end. Good news is that I can feel an aerobic benefit. I’ve been pushing slightly bigger gears every time I do it for the past 2 months, and my heart rate recoveries between intervals are getting shorter and shorter.

Starting Saturday of last week I dug in and started working around the house to finish off 4 or 5 of the small jobs on my never ending ‘to-do’ list so things look a little nicer when we host easter festivity dinner this Sunday. I also spent 4 or 5 hours in the kitchen last weekend practicing my ‘ninja’ skills, cooking a chicken for the week and testing out a new roasting pan to replace the one I accidentally destroyed a month back. Unfortunately for my exercise schedule, the most I’ve done all week was stand at the top of a stepladder and wave my arm back and forth with a 4oz paintbrush in my hand for 4 hours straight. Not my idea of fun or a good workout. I actually ‘snif’ MISSED my trainer miles this week.

Bad news is that I’m already on the ropes for the month. for the last 4 weeks before last I was steadily dropping a little weight. nothing huge, just a half or 3/4 a pound here or there. Then last Friday I had a 2 pound jump. I don’t really blog too much about weight loss, but I’ve been on the slight up or down side (within 10) of 249lbs since mid-June of last year. I get it in check for a while, am really good with my exercise routine, eat the right foods all week long, and am really careful about how I cheat on the weekends at parties and such. It’s boring, but it’s a living. Then something comes up which throws off my schedule and gets me out of sync, like when I went to Vent Camp last June and ate cafeteria food, take-out and sports drinks for 4 days straight, gained 5 pounds, then spent the rest of the summer burning that and 6 more pounds off only to pack it all back on +2 drinking beers and going out to dinner every night in Poland for a week straight in September. You get the idea. I’ve repeated this cycle 2 more times since September, and while I’ve been logging my progress long enough to see a small success curve, I am down 5 pounds from where I was last year at this time, it really burns me to work for something for this long (coming up on day 500 of faithful journaling within a week) with mixed results. Don’t get me wrong, I know good and well that if I wasn’t doing anything I’d weigh about 290 by now, I just have a few shirts and a pair of 38levis sitting in the closet that I don’t want to go to waste. That ain’t too much to ask for is it? All that said, I’m not looking forward to the Friday weigh-in this week.

Then today, just when I needed it most, I got a little inspiration from The “Large Fella on a Bike” blog which I read from time to time where he links to the Minneapolis Star Tribune story about how he’s dropped from 501 to 232 pounds since 2005 through just a stringent diet and exercise. I peaked out somewhere around 320 a few years back, and worked my way down to 205/210 before I started screwing around again, so I have SOME small conception of how hard it is to keep on track and ditch the excuses. After you have that weight on, your body is always subconsciously trying to put it back. Probably one of the best parts out there from my point of view when it comes to blogging and self publishing is, whether intentional or not, you can be an inspiration for other people out there going through the same stuff you are. So thanks much LFoaB. You were an inspiration for yet another person this week. Keep up the awesome work.

As for me, I’m riding to work tomorrow regardless if I feel like it when I wake up or not.


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