Ostrich Saddlebag r2

I’ve been low on prose lately. Made a few modifications a while back, but haven’t had the chance to journal them yet. First thing’s first, The saddlebag mount worked pretty well from the very beginning, but the carbon handlebar didn’t work at all. Within a week the force of the skewer clamping and the torque of the bag twisting it started to chew away at the ends. I had an old aluminum bar that I used to redo that part.

Next, the bag has a decent shape to it, but once I started to weigh it down a little more it still sagged, so I ended up cutting a dowel to the width of the bag and looping it around the buckles inside to give it more stability.

Finally, the plastic sheet that gives the back of the bag it’s form had a tendency to push up out of it’s pocket when the bag was loaded up certain ways. To solve it, I cut some more denim scraps up and made a pouch which slips over the plastic to keep it in place. For an added bonus, there’s a pouch on the back now to hold my u-lock and some other essentials in place.

When the bag is packed so that the center of gravity is right below the q-r, it holds its form pretty well. Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to pack the bag like that since there is so much volume towards the back. Good news is I have a small plastic lunch container that I put on the bottom every day which helps give the bag a little more shape. Without it I think I’d probably want to make something which looped around the underside of the bag to give it more form. As it is now, it’s working great. I don’t have experience with other products in this arena, but I’ll give my unofficial rating of the Ostrich bag at 8/10. Not the most flawless design in the world, but very nice, and a good price / quality / carrying capacity ratio.

Other comments on the Ostrich can be found below.
Ostrich Bag R1

Ostrich Bag R3

6 thoughts on “Ostrich Saddlebag r2

  1. I had issues with the Carradice Barley sagging, even with the Midlands seat support. I ended up cannibalizing the plastic lid of a kids fishing tackle box that fit the bottom profile of the bag perfectly. It sits in the bottom, held with a few stainless bolts punched through the canvas. I’ve noticed that some of the better bags have plastic inserts to hold their shape.

  2. It has been a learning experience trying different things with the bag, but well worth it. I’ll load it up, and watch which way it sags, then think about the lightest/simplest structural brace that would solve it. I have a few ideas about how to create a skeleton to reinforce the bag internally using just 1 or 2 light tubes, but it would probably take me longer to describe it than it would to do it at this point 🙂

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