State Parks, Bike Camping and Bikely Maps

Lately, I’ve really been getting the itch to get out of the house. Unfortunately, weekend schedules and weather have not been the most cooperative. I’m really glad for my bike commute, because if it wasn’t for that and trips to the store, I don’t think I’d even remember when the last time I was on a bike outside was. Last weekend I was gearing up for a ride on Sunday and scheduled all the work and chores and stuff on Saturday because weather dot com said it’s going to rain on Saturday and be nice on Sunday. Then the time comes and it’s completely backwards. I think that’s how it went down. I forget. In the evening on Sunday I took a few minutes and started exploring with I’ve been aware of this site for some time, but not inclined to track my routes and stuff. Seemed like more of a hassle than it was worth for the small amount of roads I travel on. On my list of to-do for the next month or so is one of those fabled bike camping expeditions and I thought it might be a good idea to map out where I’m going for those at home. Also it’s something that might actually turn out to be interesting for someone else to do, unlike my rides around the block in Baltimore. I was alerted to another site that is springing up called the dirt road database, which I think is an awesome idea, but not exactly up my alley as I’m more interested in full routes from one point to another, and lots of those are going to be full of connecting journeys on paved asphalt regardless of how horrid sharing the path with cars may be. I hope to be off road enough this summer to find something meaningful to contribute to their cause. In the meantime, I started out mapping 2 treks to state parks in PA using some other riders maps as starting points to find the best routes in areas I’m unfamiliar with. Haven’t actually ridden these yet (well, except for segments, not as a complete trip). Any comments are welcome if you know of a better way to navigate a bicycle between any 2 points along either of the routes. Next up I’m going to try and draw something out towards Patapsco State park west of Baltimore, and if any of these work out ok, maybe I’ll build up the nerve to find a way out towards Frederick, MD or even Gettysburg.

Cordorus State Park, PA from Baltimore

Gifford Pinchot State Park, PA from Baltimore

2 thoughts on “State Parks, Bike Camping and Bikely Maps

  1. I’ve ridden just about all of your Pinchot route except for the little jog from the end of the Heritage Trail in downtown York over to Dover. Some of those roads are pretty windy and narrow. Once you get to Dover on Rt.74, it’s a bit hilly but nice wide berms and beautiful scenery.

    Another thought would be to pick up the Susquehanna Trail from York (this is a two-laned paved road) and ride that up to Newberrytown. From there, take Rt. 382 into Lewisberry, left on Rt. 177 in to Pinchot. Again, I haven’t ridden the southern half of the Susquehanna Trail, but the top half isn’t bad. Both 382 and 177 have very wide berms.

    BTW. 382 comes within 1/4 mile of the house. You’ll need to let me know when your up this way.

  2. Thanks for the alternatives. I’ll check those out on the map. I’ll let you know know when I get the chance to make the trek. It’ll have to be soon. I can’t take too many more weekends of work around the house 🙂

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