2nd Outdoor ride of the year

I got a little restless around the house in the evening tonight and went for a ride which was a short loop of the larger ride I did 2 weeks ago. 10 miles instead of 15, but it still incorporated the ‘hill-o-death’. This time I wasn’t messing around. I came off of Falls rd. and immediately shifted into my lowest chainring, smallest cog and started spinning like mad so I could keep momentum but wouldn’t stall half way up trying to shift into a lower gear. It wasn’t long before I was spinning in my largest cog and gasping for air, but I was NOT going to stop. About half way up I started thinking to myself “It’s kind of dark, maybe I should have my blinky on.” Luckily I was smart enough to see through the little trick my brain was playing on me, trying to get me to stop. “No, you have on a BRIGHT YELLOW JACKET with reflective piping, and it’s not even near dusk. People can see you JUST FINE. Nice try though.” After a few minutes it was all over and I was at the top. I still got passed by a roadie, but at least I wasn’t WALKING this time, and I had enough air in my lungs to say hi as he waved on his way past :). Now to do it a little faster. I can quickly see this being one of my favorite loop rides as it passes a small local park with some bike trails and a lake which I could do a little exploring around once the days get a little longer. There’s a few other places where I can make a left instead of a right and add a few miles here and there. Felt good to get out of the house for a change!


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