strike 2…

The weather’s being a real a-hole this year. This is the second time I had major plans put off because It said one thing on the weather and then the exact opposite happened. Like it’s not hard enough squeezing a weekend day here or there between every other social engagement we have to attend. I was checking the weather all week and it said it would be nice this weekend – chance of some showers here and there, but nothing bad. Then last night I checked and it said 30% chance of showers from 5am to 10am. Now the day of its 100% chance of rain till noon (Which of course I’m confirming by looking out the window) and 60% till 4pm. Even this morning I was still thinking about going aside from the facts that I hate setting up tents in the rain and don’t want to be ‘that guy’ who takes his bike out on the trails during drenching weather, leaving rutted tire tracks 2 inches deep in his wake. I am not on my bike. I’m disassembling the things it took me a week to organize and put on my bike.

Of course it turned ridiculously sunny in just as many hours as it would have taken to bike to my destination minus 1. $^@%$@#$%. I’m done now. Sorry for all the negativity.


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