Stuff's Goin On.

1. Garden is looking good. The cherry tomato plant has 20+ fruits and a ton of blossoms on it. Will definitely get many useful meals from it. Thinking about getting some more containers or building a raised bed to do some more plants in. The squash looks good too. No fruit yet, but plant is well developed. The rosemary is insanely fragrant and very good in some bean dip. Need to put some with roasted potatoes too, but we forgot. Basil blossomed with huge new stalks and flowers. If I don’t cut it back soon, it will outgrow it’s pot. I think the Pepper was planted too early. It’s coming up, but slowly. Lettuce, Spinach, and Radishes need more light. Parsley looks sickly, but is fragrant. I found a post which said that coffee grounds make for good fertilizer in small doses, so I’ve been mixing some of the really finely ground espresso ‘hockey pucks I have left over into my watering once a month or so. Everything is a guessing game for me at this point. I’ll get some pictures up eventunever.

2. Camp preparations are going well. Years ago I built this arch that spanned 2 doorways and could be painted and decorated with the yearly themes. It was a massive beast made out of 2x4s and 1/4″ plywood. It was made to last 100 years, but unfortunately was cursed up and down every year when the activities director had to lift it into the u-haul for transport. It was so huge that it had to live outside year round too which sped it’s demise. Anyway, my pre-task this year was to rebuild it new and smarter. I’m making it from 5 pieces instead of 3, and using smaller frame timber covered with canvas so that it can be assembled and carried by just about anyone. Basically I’m putting some decade-long-buried skills from art school to use stretching and priming some huuuge 3×5 foot canvases. Sadly, I lost my canvas stretcher years ago so I’m pulling them all by hand. My fingers hurt while typing this. Between Friday and today I’ve put in about 20 hours and I’m ready to be done even though I’m only about 1/4 of the way through. There’s a slight warp to the biggest frame that I’ve stretched so far, so I’m hoping I can come up with a decent brace system, or I am in deep doo-doo when I try and bolt this thing together.

3. Biking is on stall. I got into a good rhythm with my short evening rides, which with my commute was giving me some decent miles even though my long rides have been null. This first week of 10 hour summer schedule, Friday off, has thrown me into disarray. Hopefully after I finish with camp I can get back into riding with fervor. I did some light running 2 weeks ago, which was stupid because it exacerbated an old knee injury. It hasn’t interfered with biking (In fact I think cycling helps it), but I need to watch it when I step on the gas at stoplights. I’ve been looking at 2 rides for the end of summer and haven’t decided which I want to do. The first is the Civil War Century, which I would have plenty of time to work up to since camp is done with at the end of June, and then I could settle into a 2 month training regimen. The second is a fundraising ride along the C&O Canal Towpath for Alzheimer’s Disease. That would be 180+ miles, but it would be spread out over 2 days. I’ve been wanting to ride the towpath for many many years now. I’m not fond of the face to face involved with fundraising, but I think I could pull that part of it off because I feel a special connection to the cause having known someone who recently passed from Alzheimer’s. Need to make a decision soon or I’m going to miss out on registration on both of them.

4. Work is good. I feel like I’m caught in a tornado of intellectual exploration. Last summer I designed a site for our institute using Drupal, which is a canned template system used for creating sites in php with a sql database back much like this blogging system. Building and administering that was half of my fun for last summer. This summer, it’s starting to show it’s age since I built it meet a very quick deadline. At the same time I’ve been reading about AJAX based content systems, Java Server pages, Java Server Faces, and a few other technologies. Now I’m looking at recreating it using a Java base over a SQL database. For what the site will be used for, this would be like using a steamroller to press handkerchiefs. My main reason for exploring it is that the experience I’d get from building it would increase my skillset exponentially, and tie my skills into the same Java systems the Software developers are using. A VERY good thing regardless of how painful it would be. The thought of doing it makes me ill like a 5th grader would feel reciting the declaration of independence in front of an auditorium full of people. Come to think of it, I’d rather recite the Declaration of Independence. At least it doesn’t have thousands of support classes to memorize… I know about as much of these technologies as I knew of database architecture back in April 07, and that worked out just fine so I’m not TOO worried. It’s kind of funny to think that I was entertaining a masters degree 9 months ago. Between all the technology I’ve been cramming in my brain and my second side job of reading about politics, finance, and the economy for 2 hours a day to work on correctly timing a house purchase and future investments, my brain feels like it’s going to explode when it hits the pillow in the evening.

5. That’s ’bout it for right now. I’ve been up since 5a. Gonna sleep now.

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