Timonium: One Way Dead End Hilly street Suburbia at it's finest

I went on my long Saturday ride this morning. It was fine and I got the exercise and the miles I needed. I did not meet my objective of riding from my doorstep to the NCR trail. There are more dead end and one way streets between here and the trail than bad plot twists in ‘Snakes on a Plane‘. I did get close, but wasn’t interested in bringing my quest to fruition by that point. Also there were a ton of hills. I kept finding myself flying down some side street thinking to myself “I’m going to pay for this later…” The bikely mapping I stole from someone else had me cutting across between 2 properties at one point on a foot path but danged if I found it so that was a good 20 minutes of backtracking. All of the exploring cut into my pace, but I still came out ahead of my target pace for the century, so no problem. All in all I’ll give it a 6. Disinteresting suburban scenery. Too many stop signs. Good hills. Decent workout, and I was up early enough that I wasn’t too bothered by traffic. By the end of the ride, when I reached the ‘hill o’ deathâ„¢’ I was too tired to do anything other than throw it in the granny gear and spin at 4.5mi/hr. should have taken my panniers. There were a ton of people having yard sales.

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