No Beers, but…

luckily I did have a bunch of Mike’s hard lemonades left over from the pig roast a few weeks ago. I was working around in the basement on some bike stuff. I wanted to change the chainring size on the one speed from a ridiculously low 32 to my 36 because I was spinning like crazy on the flats and downhills, and even on the steepest hills I felt like I could use a higher ratio. I swapped them out, and rode it around the block. Chain tension needed touching up, so I loosened up the ENO hub to set it straight. On tightening it back up, The left bolt snapped. %@#$. I’ve been good about using my torque wrench for months, so I KNOW it was a weak bolt and not heavy handedness which led it to break. That was the end of the single speed thing on this bike. Period. I had my grievances with the ENO hub which I will be fully documenting in a separate post with pictures and everything, but it is just too much of a pain to deal with. Part of the draw of the single speed bike is supposed to be that they’re simple to maintain, which this setup was NOT providing. My main reason for continued experimentation with this format was that I got the wheel and the White freewheel as a gift and had some sentimental attachment to it.  I already had some ideas about how I wanted to set things up a little differently, take my favorite parts from the craigslist specialized and hook up one bike for all my around town use, as a rainy day basement trainer, and just as a backup to have around. I just didn’t expect to do it quite so soon.

I needed a little break from riding, and I had momentum since all my parts and tools were out downstairs so I got to wrenching and sorting out some of my old materials that I can send away. Now I have a box of parts and a frame/fork to take over to Velocipede where they can make good use of them as soon as I get a little free time. My original plan was to take the moustache bars and canti brakes off the Specialized and put them on the Giant one speed to see how the handling and position felt. Since I had the wheel trouble I yanked the ENO hub and added my rear deraileur, 7 speed wheel, and 1 bar ender too. Now I have a 1×7 instead of a 1×1. My only concerns now are with the stock headset which is 13 years old and starting to show it’s age, and the 3 year old jensonusa $19 closeout Shimano crankset which is all creaky and complainy. I’ll deal with that stuff later when it breaks. Here it is in all it’s spare part glory…

After dinner, I touched up my brake adjustments and took it on a 12 mile spin around the neigborhood. I really like the moustache bar on this bike. It gives you many more hand positions than any kind of flat bars. Resting my hands on the brake hoods is a nice stretched out position, but unlike the Specialized, I don’t feel like half of my weight is ahead of the front wheel, so that is a definite bonus. Handling feels a little twitchy, but I’m used to the LHT, which handles like it’s on rails. The headset still has a little play in it, so hopefully I can tweak it just a little more to make it last for a few months. The cantis are a little squooshy as far as brakes go, but I can still lock ’em up so it’s a good trade off to get the bars I like. If I was going to spend money (which I’m not) I’d get a set of Dia-Compe v-287’s which pull more cable than standard road levers. Anyone who is in the market for a well built ENO wheel which just needs a few parts at the hub or a swank 18t white industries freewheel – either has maybe 300 miles on it give me a ring below.


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