1 week away

Next week is the big Century week, and I’m looking forward to it. There are a few intangibles which I’m not sure of. I’ve trained on lots of steep hills, but most of my routes don’t have a lot of actual elevation change, just up-down-up-down so I’m not sure how I’ll do in the mountains, or on a sustained 10 mile climb, but I guess I’ll find out.

I was up at 5:50 this morning for my big weekly training ride and I just looked at the clock, walked around for a few minutes, and went back to bed. I know I’m supposed to ride every day, but sometimes I just don’t feel like it. Subtract 3 ‘cool cyclist points’ from my blog. Whatever. I did ride a few errand miles in the rain yesterday which were fun, but I just didn’t put in the 150 miles this week that I was supposed to.

The old blue Giant has become a completely different bike since I threw on the Moustache bars, STX Deraileur, and Canti Brakes. It fits awesome. I’d swear that I tried it a while ago and didn’t like it for some reason, but it really works. The bars put me just far enough forward that I don’t feel crunched up on it like I used to. I gave the headset a second tweak, and found a sweet spot in its adjustment, so It’ll last a while now, which is good. The quill stem creaks a little if I wrestle on the bars too much, but there’s nothing I can do about that without replacing everything. Same with the crankset, but that’s staying too, so I guess I’ll just have to get used to little pings and creaks every now and then. The one thing I’ve learned is how great the Brooks on my LHT is. The Velo Plush on the Giant doesn’t even come close to the same level of comfort. Even with big 2.1″ tires at 35psi the LHT is still a softer ride. It’s a blast to have a bike that I can climb hills AND not spin like a madman on the flats with too.


2 thoughts on “1 week away

  1. The hills will be a challenge if you’re not used to them, so just keep your pace low and don’t overdo it. Some days I think our bodies just tell us that we need to rest. I took several days off over vacation and was amazed at how good I felt when I got back on the bike.

    Be sure to take lots of pics on your century.

  2. I was prepared to take my time and spin as slow as need be until I saw they were closing up shop in Thurmont around 5. Should be fine unless I get caught up too long at the registration table in the morning. Sure it will all work out. Definitely looking forward to the scenery, so I have to find time to enjoy it!

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