Stuff to do.

Well since I’m not #^@$#%*& **>> riding today <<**, #^@$#%*& I had some time to kill so I caught up on some posts and other wrenching stuff i wanted to do. I removed the broken bolt from the ENO hub, and did some troubleshooting on the 1×7. The handlebar creaks have been fixed. It was a combination of the stem/bar connection, and the brake levers which needed to be slightly tighter. I also added a drop or 2 of wd-40 to the stem bolt. Holding up great. The crank is a little closer to replacement. The Drive Arm is in fine shape, but the left arm is probably toast.

The interface is pretty torn up. The BB is in ok shape, so I just greased it up and torqued it back together with a little Loctite on the threads. I rode to the store to get some coffee and run some errands in the rain to test out my new helmet raincover and then re-torqued the bolt when I got back. If it holds together for a while, fine. If not, then at least i know that I only need to replace the left arm.

Now that I got all my tech stuff out of the way, I’m going to take a break for a few days. See you all in a week.

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