Eastern Shore Ride

After sitting around the house on Saturday since the powers that be saw fit to move their rain-or-shine event to Sunday, The wife and I packed up the car early Sunday for our annual sojourn to the beach. We had a nice few days at the ocean, sat out, walked around, rented cruizer bikes and rode around Rehoboth, sat in the hotel pool, and generally did nothing of consequence. After August it was bliss. There was still a gnawing urge to get out and do a semi-loongish ride since I was jinxed from centuryism for another who knows how long. I plotted out a route using the cool Deleware bicycle route map I picked up last year which took me to Assateague and back along Rte. 1 through Ocean City.

On the way south, I was riding with a HUGE tailwind. Every time I looked at my computer it was between 21 and 23 mi/hr.

The scenery was ok. Flat. The only part of the trip where I was truly bored was when biking back north through Ocean City on rte. 1. It goes on forever. Block after Block. I remember thinking that in a car, but it’s even worse on a bike. Assateague was interesting, but if you go, PLEASE remember to take your mosquito repellant. I stopped to take a picture of the wild horses for about 1 minute and later found out I got bit 5 times in that minute. Sort of quelled my urge to go camp there ever. Maybe early April before they have a chance to breed… The mosquitoes, not the horses.

This guy was eying up my sandwich…

There were a few people out, but not many…

Ocean City had a few more people, but definitely closing down for winter.

I had plotted out a route north of Rehoboth along the Junction & Breakwater Trail to Lewes and Cape Henlopen state park, but by the time I got back within sight of the hotel, all I really wanted was a 20 minute stretching session and a hot shower. When packing the night before I neglected to stuff my windbreaker in my bag, and I chose a short-sleeve shirt to wear. Not really smart. I felt fine on the way down while going with the wind, but the way back was the first time in my life when I was truly COLD on a ride. All that time I spent coasting on the way south came back to haunt me as I fought the wind tooth and nail back to Rehoboth.

All total it was 77.6 miles and I finished with an average of 14.7mi/hr on the bike which is pretty good for me. A good trip, but not one I plan on repeating. Next east shore ride will be inland.


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