Summer Training Wrapup

The Century thing went really well. In my training I rode around 1000 miles between July and mid October, which is by far a personal best for me for 3 months. After I got back from Salisbury, the miles started to drop off immediately as the days got short and work got busy real quick.

On the weight loss front, I found out that 700 miles = 10 pounds. Roughly. If I hadn’t trained I’d normally commute about 100 miles a month give or take. and not lose any weight. As the summer went, I DID train and went from about 246lbs to around 235. Of course, as soon as I stopped riding, that started to creep up a little INSTANTLY. Thus begins the struggle between good and evil. I gave all my ‘fat-boy’ khakis away to the free store last weekend, and I’ll be %$@ if I’m going to head on out to The Gap to pick up new clothes anytime soon so having pants that don’t cut off the circulation to my toes will have to be good enough a motivator for now. I know there is a little upswing on the scale every winter. I’m just trying to minimize it so I can keep moving in the right direction.

For mileage, the second half of the month was going pretty good until last week, when I got my obligatory bi-annual ‘the weather is changing daily before winter gets here so you should get a bad cold-cold’ I didn’t ride a lick all week. Well, I did ride on the trainer last night for 45 min. like that counts. Oh well, I’m taking a week off to recuperate, and I’ll be back at it soon enough. In the meantime…


2 thoughts on “Summer Training Wrapup

  1. I’m still weak enough to work with my own weight as a resistance. I did notice that my pedaling efficiency went up when my arms got stronger since I can hold my lower body in position more easily. (less swaying) I think I said that right…

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