November 08 odo counts

Date Long Haul Trucker errand or mtn. miles 08 Total
10-31 2128.2 1339.8 1608.5
11-14 2143.1 1349.9 1633.5
11-21 2143.1 1364.9 1648.5
11-30 2143.1 1380.4 1664.0

Two notes to wrap up the month. 1 – Thank heavens for commuter miles, shame that I was sick or on vacation for half of the month :(. 2 – Cold weather biking is here and I’ve switched over to the blue 1×7 for my daily riding needs. The moustache bars are the bees knees on this bike. I’m never taking them off for anything. The canti brakes are going to have to get swapped out at some point for some linear pulls with a set of travel-agents installed. The cables rub against the super-huge fenders and mess up the adjustment of the pads. It isn’t a hazard, but no matter how I adjust them the brake shoes end up rubbing against the rims a different way every day. Took me forever to figure out why I couldn’t tweak them just right. AAaaH!


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