scanner image quality


Addendum to below… When I do the final reproductions, I’ll probably set up my macro lens and shoot digital pictures from the light table. The scanner I have is high quality, but the scanner is only 2/3 the equation in reproducing good images. The scanning software I have is mediocre at best. If you compare the slide in the top right corner of this picture with the Italy shot below, you can see how much more amazing the colors are in the originals. The quality of image I can get through my DSLR without futzing around with levels/color balance/saturation/sharpness/noise reduction/and 10 other settings is exponentially better than my scanner. I’d take digitals of all the shots if it was not for the fact that it would be 9x as much work to set them all up on the light table. After I get through this project, the scanner is going up for sale on Craigslist, and that will be another 5 cubic feet of space that we’ll reclaim in our house :). On a related note, thinking about how much effort went into getting a good image back then makes me realize how spoiled we are today with our digital cameras and being able to post everything to view on the web or order prints seconds after we shoot the photo.

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