December 08 odo counts

Date Long Haul Trucker errand or mtn. miles 08 Total
11-30 2143.1 1380.4 1664.0
12-5 2143.1 1404.7 1688.3
12-12 2143.1 1427.0 1710.6
12-19 2143.1 1449.6 1733.2
12-26 2143.1 1461.1 1744.7
12-31 2143.1 1472.1 1755.7

The wind is really howling out there so I won’t be taking a long ride. I went to the store for a few things and was nearly pushed uphill by the wind. Nice and BRISK! Good news is a bunch of other bikers braved the wind too. The poles in front of the store were nearly filled up. The Trucker is lonely, but It’s glad it doesn’t have to sit out at the bike racks at work all day long.


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