new years thoughts.

  1. Ride more often. – I don’t have any goals, I just want to ride more and stay limber. I didn’t really hit my stride until July last year. This year I want to get out of the gates earlier, and not do quite so many trainer miles in the basement.
    • to get out and hit the trails a little. Just to mix it up a bit.
    • get out and do an overnight trip. come on, just do it.
  2. Lose some more weight. – I’m doing ok with the holidays, but I feel kind of inflated right now. Looking to get that in remission as soon as possible.
  3. Graduate degree work – I’m putting in my application this month and working on brushing up on pre-calculus mathematics right now.
  4. Getting it together and doing less “circling the idea airport” – I did a lot of reading and research over the last year or 2 on finance and real estate. I learned many valuable things, but after a while I started to spend less time engaged in real research and more obsessing about day to day changes in the markets that make little or no difference in my decision making and strategies. This year I need to spend more time on things that matter, which given what I’m going to be trying to accomplish with school shouldn’t be a problem. If I have time to kill I should at least spend it on leisure. Work smarter, not harder.

That’s about it. Have lots of things I want to DO, so I have to stop THINKING so much and start DOing


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