Cuff Protection

When I first started riding, it was always in shorts, because if the weather didn’t permit it, I wasn’t interested. Once I got to the point where I wanted to ride in the winter, I got a set of trouser cuffs to keep my pant legs from catching on the chainring and bottle cage with every revolution. These worked well, but I always rode in pants that I wouldn’t care if they got greasy because I was still brushing the chain now and then. Time went on and I got tired of wearing my oldest clothes everywhere, so I had the bright Idea for a cuff protector that did more than just wrap the pant leg out of the way. I wanted something that would actually cover it.


Out came the sewing machine and the scrap fabric bin. 2 hours later, and I had a protector for my finest denim and one for my khakis too. The black smudge in the middle is from the chain, and proof positive that I’ve saved more than one outfit with this little gadget.


On the left leg is the trouser band I got from Velo-Orange. It still does a fine job since I don’t have to worry about grease, only having my pants get in the way. I was going to get some fabric dye and some more khaki scraps to make an arsenal of these to match all my favorite pants, but like most things, I got distracted by another project before I got any further. Gets the job done!. I’m surprised no one makes anything like this. I think everyone who rides a bike without a chainguard anywhere could benefit from one.


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