mud, the road hazard for warm days

Well, sidewalk hazard anyway… I was so overjoyed at the prospect of going out on a warm day without worrying about hitting a patch of ice and going sideways that I let my guard down. Leaving work on Monday, I came around a corner where some of the campus utility vehicles had torn up the sod next to the path and spread a thin layer of mud on the walk. Before I knew it, the wheels were out from under me. I went down like a cartoon character with the ‘bowling pin crashing sound effect’ and everything. “You win again gravity!” I’m fine, but I have that annoying dull ache in my shoulder and chest from where I got the wind knocked out of me that says “don’t go running any marathons or doing any pushups for the next week or so”. Kind of annoyed because I had a really good weight loss last week and I was looking forward to keeping my activity up and going for 2 in a row. Maybe a little stretching instead. meh. I commuted on Tuesday and Wednesday with nary a problem, aside from a little pain if I tried to hold my upper torso stiff and pedal hard. Today I took off. See you tomorrow bike…

2 thoughts on “mud, the road hazard for warm days

  1. HA, that was great! Almost choked on my breakfast…
    Yes, fine – even the bar wrap, which I remember lamenting to myself while still blocking the walkway with my body that I’d probably ripped it. I’ll do almost anything for the sake of physical comedy, short of putting my bikes in harm’s way…

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