Like it's goin out of style…

There’s something about knowing that something I crave is not going to be available any more that whips me into a frenzy. I would be very poor if I hadn’t learned to deal with it by now. Part of the reason I’ve been able to go for 12 years without actually purchasing a flat-panel tv is that I know there’s always going to be a better/newer/cooler/probably cheaper one available tomorrow. Same with cars and just about every other mass produced piece of stuff out there…

The last of the Quickbeams

The silver color is probably the only thing I could think of that I’d like to see more than the Orange they did on their last run. That’s a toss-up really, it all depends on what color they contrast the lugs on the silver with. $1600 for a bike sans pedals/saddle is not in the cards right now, and I don’t even have the time to ride all the bikes I have, but dang, that would be sweet. Maybe I’ll luck out and find a 60 or 62 cm model for sale on Ebay 30 years from now. 10-20 in existence of my size? it could happen…

While on the subject of Riv Ramblings, they had a piece in their latest reader about carbon fiber in bike design. All my experiences with carbon fiber leave me baffled that it can be used at all. Years ago when I played squash I had a carbon fiber racket. It would take abuse that you wouldn’t believe, but when it broke, it went fast. When I broke the seatpost on my Chameleon a few years ago it was the same thing, popped a wheelie, and SNAP – the whole thing came off. That’s fine for a seatpost if you like to live quasi-dangerously, but for a fork, stay, spoke, or rim where a sudden break on a descent means the wheel goes out from under you and you eat guard rail or pavement at 25-40 miles an hour… Can’t believe bike manufacturers would even try to get away with that in a society where you have to remind people every time they buy a cup of coffee that it may be “extremely hot” for fear of getting sued.

2 thoughts on “Like it's goin out of style…

  1. You’re only 1 of 2 ‘bike’ people to know yet, but I have a QB on deposit. I was grabbed by the same “last ever” screaming headlines about it and decided to jump, even though the finances since the deposit don’t make it too smart. Being a teacher, I’ve been thinking of ways to make some income in the summer to help re-fund savings. One thing I was going to do is go with a White Industries DOS freewheel, 2 in place of one to give me 6 gear options total, but I don’t know if that extra $100 is there now. We’ll see. As much as the Eddy Merckx would’ve been cool, I sort of like the silver concept. I think it’ll make for some nice opportunities to contrast.

    Your idea of ebay is better. If you join the rivbike google group you find QBs passing by with some regularity.

    And as for carbon, correct. I can imagine a dent in a frame just like on a tennis racquet here or there. Same experience as you.

    Keep riding!

  2. Congratulations! I also like the New Hillbornes and Hilsens too. I give myself a ‘bike allowance’ based on the cash I save riding my bike everywhere instead of driving, but it’s not that much. Can’t wait to hear what the ride is like. I’ve been curious since day one what the differences are between ride characteristics in a TIG and a Lugged frame.

    I can vouch for White Industries freewheels – very nice component.

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