so nice – – minor rambling

My commute this morning was the first warm one of the new spring. Though spring is not here yet. Awesome. A little wet and windy on the way home, but nice nonetheless. I’ll trade warm for a little rain any February day.

Had a flat earlier this week on the way to work and probably would have ruined my day having to scrounge around with my patch kit and be late for work if it wasn’t for all the other cyclists who offered assistance or just a ‘hi’ on the way past while I was pumping the 4 or 500 strokes that my cheapo mini pump needed to blow up my 26×2.0″ rear tire by the side of the road. Cyclists is good peoples šŸ™‚

I have like maybe 3 drinks a month now since alcohol is the devil when it comes to weight loss. Good side of that is when I do imbibe, it is nice and relaxing.

Box bike done up in 1940’s fighter plane montage? Awesome. Sorry I can’t give credit to the blog that pointed this to my attention. Saved the link earlier this week, and forgot where it came from.

Gonna do some cooking, clean out the basement and ride the bike out to the Starbucks for some coffee this weekend to use up the gift cards I got for christmas, and to the grocery store to get some foods for the week. EXCITIN’!

Had an old frameset sitting around that I STILL hadn’t gotten rid of, so I figured I’d order a cheap headset for $20 or so and practice doing an install before it really mattered. I popped out the old hardware on the Specialized last weekend, did some research on sizes and ordered some new equipment to put in. I was kind of amazed. I did precise measurements of the head tube with my calipers, and the inner dimensions were more oval than I thought they would be. The new headset will make the frame a good deal for whoever buys/gets it from me, and it’ll give me the experience to learn everything I need to do installs right. Everyone Wins!

I’m in one of those transitional phases right now. Every time I look at all my bikes all I want to do is take all the fenders, racks and accouterments off them. Simplicity rules, but 1 out of every 4 rides I take ends up being on either wet pavement, or with a necessity for carrying stuff, so I guess I’ll just have to ‘power through’ and ignore the urge to simplify.

That’s enough randomness for now.


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