March 09 odo counts

Date Long Haul Trucker Blue 1×7 Mtn. / Misc. miles 09 Total
2-28 2143.1 1671.2 1.5 200.6
3-7 2143.1 1686.6 1.5 216.0
3-13 2143.1 1711.0 1.5 240.4
3-20 2147.8 1732.4 1.5 266.5
3-27 2248.1 1732.4 1.5 366.8
3-31 2262.6 1732.4 1.5 381.3

Good month for the commute, ‘cept I got lazy early last week. Good week commuting so far. Wind yesterday was a pain. Took the Mark’s rack off the LHT. Too many rattles from the shifting cables, or the fender, I don’t know, and I don’t really care. It’s not that much trouble to install when I need on whatever bike now that I have the rack tangs bent the way I like them. Painting around the house is a pain, and I have a bajillion things to do before our company gets here at Easter. Back to the grind it is. Camping gear is aired out and packed away for another month or so. Maybe I’ll get out for a coffee run on Saturday. Other than that, it looks like a steady diet of commuting and maybe a lunch ride or 2 to keep the miles up for now.


2 thoughts on “March 09 odo counts

  1. Looking at your totals makes me miss my commute (during tennis season). boo hoo, but 3 grand is 3 grand, especially in these days and times.

  2. I wish for a slightly longer commute. I could take a longer route, but most times when I’m on the road I’m thinking about getting to – or home from work. Lots of those miles were from 2 weekends ago.

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