Took the car in for an oil change.

They say every 3 months or 3k miles. Forget that. 3k miles it is. I just check the oil level frequently and don’t redline it like I used to. Oh yeah, and the last time I took it in was May of last year. I really wanted to make it a whole year, but my trip to the east shore made that impossible. If it wasn’t for my addiction to spur of the moment weekend getaways I’d dump the car in a heartbeat. For all the troubles the auto industry is having right now, I just don’t think they can grasp that there’s lots of people out there who aren’t chafing at the bit to tether themselves to a 5 year, $20-40k commitment like a new car. I feel so lucky. A little house in the cityburbs not too far away from work. This morning it was spritzing a little and all I heard on the way into work on the back streets was a little hsssh from the tires in the water on the  pavement. Wouldn’t trade that for anything. I was lucky because by 10am it was POURING outside. On days when it rains I know of one bike rack in the parking garage which is under cover, so the steed didn’t sit outside all day. By 4:30 it was sunny again, but I would have traded my headwind for rain if I could. Painting the house is still getting on my nerves, but I’m making good headway so I don’t feel too bad about it. Really glad I got out for that trip a few weeks back. It did my brain some real good.

On bike stuff, one thing of mention from the trip and beyond was that I tried out the MKS ‘Grip King’ pedals as I still am not fond of switching into riding shoes for my commute every day, and on bike camping trips, I’d hate to have to carry an extra set of shoes with me everywhere I go. Initial 150 mile response is that I like them alot. Since they aren’t toe-clipped or clipless, my feet move around a little. I get fender interference every now and then, but traction is very good. Cornering clearance is half-way between my ‘good’ Time Atac clipless and my ‘abysmal’ MKS Touring pedals. They slow me down around corners in the city, but I don’t waste as much time as spending 5 minutes every day changing my shoes at work. I would recommend to others. Look around. They sell elsewhere under the moniker of MKS Lambda for much less.

3 thoughts on “Took the car in for an oil change.

  1. I have some bikes w/ platforms and others with clips and find that the bikes with clips are *only* about riding, riding tempo, riding mileage for sake of riding. The platform bikes are much more about all the other opportunities a bike can offer, be it commuting, errands, smelling the flowers or taking pictures of them, seeing the sites. I’m faster with clips, but in the end, I ask myself “Who cares?”.


  2. And when I think about it, 90% of the riding I do is for some purpose. I have the clipless for using on the trainer in the basement, or if I’m going out for a century. I’ve found that learning how to spin properly goes a long way towards keeping my feet on the pedals regardless of any foot retention system, so aside from pedaling on the upstroke when climbing out of the saddle, I don’t clips too much.

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