I get more boring all the time.

Came off a big week working around the house. FINISHED the living room. It wouldn’t have taken so long if it wasn’t for the fact that I worked on one wall at a time. The color looks 100 times better than the photo. If anything it’s a little sparse looking, but it will fill in nicely with 1 or 2 more strategically placed photos. In the meantime, ‘sparse’ beats ‘cluttered’ ANYDAY.


Easter dinner was a chance to cook and eat for the first time in what felt like 100 years. Lots of fun, and makes me yearn for the days I’d go out and get ingredients for making huge dinners with rich main courses every evening. Not bad enough to go back to my old way of living though. I feel too good right now being able to make it up 3 flights of stairs without breaking a sweat. I know my tastes have changed. One of my favorite dishes from the day was the roasted veggies with olive oil, salt, pepper, and a touch of balsamic vinegar. The cake with the buttercream icing was so rich I was seeing stars for a few minutes until the cholesterol blockage in my arteries passed.


Day 882 was one for the record books. The pic above is as uncalculated as my records have been in a year and a half. Tomorrow is another day. I needed a break. I gave myself a challenge with the reward of some bike parts I don’t really need, but would like to have as a goal to get me through the next few months. First step will be to burn off everything above, however much it was :). Till later…

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