This could be difficult…

So I was talking with the wife today, and I blurted out this cockamamy scheme I had to give me incentive to hit my next goal weight. I’d already settled on splurging on a few parts I’d really like to have, but couldn’t justify actually NEEDing in the purest sense of the word. Today I upped the ante for myself by saying that I wasn’t going to do any more window shopping until I hit that goal either. I’m one of those perpetual window shoppers. That’s fine for the world I grew up in where you had to actually go to a store during business hours to gather information on products you were interested in. For the world we occupy now, pacification for the perpetual storefront trawler is only a mouse click away 24/7. I also said that I wasn’t going to entertain fantasies of new frames or bikes until I hit my big final goal weight. With my current ‘long-term-weight-loss-Logarithmic-graph’ that has a projected completion date of February 2011. When I listen to myself write this I realize how ridiculous it might sound, but everybody has their little vices, so in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t seem too out of place. I could have a $500 a month car payment and a 3-series BMW rotting away in the driveway… I have one caveat, which is routine maintenance. If I get a flat, I don’t have to ride around on it for 2 months, but no more surfing the Riv/Surly/Soma/Velo-Orange loop every day just to check if they magically reduced their prices by 40% for one day only, or the Atlantis is available in a new color even though they haven’t changed it in 10 years. I can still read other blogs, so I implore you to write about all the fancy new stuff you see in our “Neo-Luddite” universe of steel bicycle frames, leather saddles and 32+ spoked wheels. No linkbacks to manufacturers sites though. On the upside it should free up 5-15 minutes a day that I can tack onto a ride or just do some stretching. Guess I should add a second caveat that I can do some looking for a little when my birthday or the holidays rolls around too.

On the downside, I was running some errands out of my zip code (in the car) last weekend, and I got a nail in the back tire. Swapped out for the donut the next night, but I still haven’t done anything else. Every time I look at it, I’m just like. Man, gotta go to the gas station and get that plugged. I’ve been riding more just because I really don’t feel like dealing with it. Talk about working hard to be lazy. I wish it had been one of the front tires. They’re balder than Kojak so I could have just replaced it.

Second to last but not least, back to bike stuff. One of my aforementioned errands from last week was to pick up a new rain jacket for riding out this monsoon-riffic spring we’ve been having. I got the Novara Express Bike Jacket on sale, and I can recommend it as a decent not-overly-expensive garment. The nicest thing about it is that Novara seems to cut their cycling clothes for a more ‘normal-sized’ person. Granted, that I’m still a ‘larger-than-normal-sized’ person, but I fit in the large fine, and the jacket fits around the chest without having sleeves that are 8″ too long (not an exaggeration, I have jackets like this) or that have enough extra fabric around the bicep that I could make sails for a clipper ship with the remnants if I had them hemmed. There’s a big vent in the back that did a good job of providing ventilation. Sunday morning it was downpouring, so I went out for a 1 hour ride. I can’t say it kept me completely dry because I was sweating (not the jacket’s fault, I always do) but it did the best job I could imagine, and better’n any other garment I’ve ever owned. Nice reflective touches, and the pocket on the back was big enough for a tightly wrapped 700×35 tube, multi-tool, brickish cell phone, and keys. All the above items were totally dry when I removed them btw. Last but not least, the pocket zipper has pulls on the inside and outside so you can reverse the pocket, roll up the jacket, and zip it inside itself for storage. Neat! I think I still like my other wind-breaker for light light drizzles and breaking wind, but the new one handles downpours like a champ.

Last but not least I did a 60% overhaul on the LHT which is everything aside from headset and hubs on Sunday. Not a real good conversation point, just have it here because I sometimes search back when I’m trying to remember the last time I cleaned house was. New pads too. Hope they don’t squeal. The only thing I still hate working on is brakes. Goodness gracious I hate adjusting brake pads.

So to recap,

  1. Riding bikes burns more calories than looking at them.
  2. There’s too much debris in the alley behind my house.
  3. I still have a problem with wet feet when I go on rainy day rides, but not much else.
  4. The ‘Trucker is good to go till September.

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