bike 2 work 2009


Not that I wasn’t biking to work anyway, but it’s nice when there’s someone there giving away free breakfast and goodies too. It’s especially convenient that the city set up one of the courtesy stations less than 100 yards from my building :). Free t-shirts, fresh fruit, a bagel and a cup of coffee. What a country! It looked like there was a bike shop there doing tune-ups too, but I was good to go. The help said they had a steady stream of people all morning which is good. It was really muggy, and it looked like it could start raining at any minute so I’m sure there were some who were turned off by that… This afternoon was really nice and I didn’t even have to worry about puttin on my jacket or other ‘riding-clothes’. Just threw my bag over my shoulder and off I went. Didn’t even really break a sweat, although i wasn’t trying.

Here’s my commute by the numbers for the year, writing it down because I’ve done the math 10 times and I’m tired of re-calculating it…
1250 miles
My car gets 270mi/tank (average in my car for short trips, around 320 for long drives on the highway)
= 4.62 fillups a year for work related driving
10 gal per fillup @ $2.50 a gallon (as you know this can go much higher)

  • Total fuel costs = $115 (not too much)
  • Parking = $53 a month if I had it, x12 = $636 (I could park on the street, but I’d spend 15 minutes walking, and then it’d really make sense to bike, because it only takes me 12 minutes to do that)
  • Annual Savings $750ish on these 2 alone.

These can be added to an unspecified amount by my other close-to-home errand running and driving reduction tactics (it’s hard to separate out the other 500 or so miles of riding I do from errands because I don’t count recreational riding). I drove 3500 miles last year compared to 12-14000 before I got my new job and started commuting by bike. It’s safe to say that at an absolute minimum I’m paying for my hobby. Not included because I still own and operate a car are…

Emissions tests
Maintainence (regular & repairs)
The original base cost of the vehicle (spread over # years owned, currently in year #11)

All this stuff usually gets wrapped up in our monthly bills, so I tend to forget that if I use the car less, It’ll last longer, so even if the 1st 3 are constants, last 2 can be reduced DRASTICALLY. I love the car for the long drives, but I hate making payments on new ones. It’s nice to have options, and having the ability to get a little exercise without a gym membership (another $850 a year saved right there) is a nice touch too.


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