weekend in pics

This weekend I was free, but I couldn’t tell all week what the weather was going to do. I really didn’t care to take a trip if it was going to be wet AT ALL because I have a bunch of stuff out in the basement and I wasn’t down for hanging my gear out to dry for a week. I resigned to get some stuff done around the house and boy did I get to it.

Click for larger pics…

DSCN4593-patch-SM DSCN4594-patch-sm
cutting cardboard patch templates 1 cutting templates 2

It really is as boring as it looks. I had to trim little ‘cereal box’ patches to cover all the little holes in the metal. Cardboard is a lot easier to work with than steel when you’re trimming a hair here or there.

DSCN4595-patching-sm DSCN4598-cutting-sm
cutting cardboard templates 3 cutting metal patches from tracings

Here’s the part where I would have chopped itty bitty bits off all my fingers if I hadn’t brought the new vice. I finished up with the rough cut steel pieces on Saturday. Sunday I ground and filed them all exactly to shape, next sunny weekend I get to test fit them in place (should be perfect since they match the cardstock templates exactly…) If all goes well I get out the welder, zap them into place and prime them.

DSCN4600-giant-09_05-sm DSCN4603-cons-site-sm
1×7 out for a Sunday spin muddy mulch

Sunday morning I got out to cash a check and run a few errands, plus throw in a few miles with extra hills here and there. I saw some guys out who were wearing numbers on their shirts, so there was a ride going on somewhere, but I don’t know what it was. It was kind of windy, but there wasn’t any precipitation so to speak of. One of the little side trips I made was to check out this construction site at a park close to my daily commute. I was testing out the gearing on the 1×7 trying to find places I couldn’t climb, so i descended down this muddy construction path hill to see where it ended up. Looks like they’re doing some drainage excavation and there were tons of huge concrete pipes at the bottom. It was slick, but the climb back out was a little anti-climactic. I was expecting it to be more of a challenge than it was. I’ve got this bike dialed in really well, and I love those Kenda Kozmik tires.  Next stop was to ride around for another 15 minutes looking for a huge puddle to wash my tires off in before I went home. Only little annoyance on the 1×7 is the brakes. I need another 3″ of housing on the back brake run to keep it from rubbing against the stem when I turn the bars right. Will probably fix in the next week or 2, but I get annoyed because pulling the cable out of the housing means replacing it since the end is squished flat where it clamps into the back brake. The front brake works ok, but adjustment is a pain with the travel agent, and… well I’m being a bit of a snob, but it is UGLY looking on the front of the bike. Period. It’s this big silver disk the size of a head tube badge and it hurts my eyes every time I look at it. I’ll probably go back to the canti on the front once the pads are completely worn down.

Also to break up the monotony of grinding and filing away at small pieces of sheet metal all day, I planted some spinach, radishes, and basil. I made another run to the store in the afternoon, and cooked up some chicken and homemade chicken soup for dinner. If any of this is exciting to you than you’re middle-aged like me 🙂

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