Thanks to George over at Pedalling Along, I’m the proud owner of a nearly-new IXON IQ. This exact model was on my wish list for a long time, and it’s nice to have some real light up front.


The new light is bright and the batteries are a sound improvement over the nimh batteries I was putting in my Planet Bike SuperSpot. Added bonus was that my old light and new light use the same handlebar attachment so now I have a mount for every bike, and I can switch the lights up for whatever I need them for.

The only tweaks I needed to make were moving my LHT’s wireless computer to the downtube just above the shifter bosses. I knew it was coming because I got occasional interference from even my SuperSpot. I’ve ridden around with the computer out of sight for a few days now, and it’s kind of liberating. The first rides had a little vibration in the light at the mount, but I made a few adjustments and it’s fine now.

Two Thumbs Up!


2 thoughts on “IXON!

  1. Agreed, and if I’m making a quick run and just want a little light to ‘be seen’, than I can just throw on the old light instead and not have to worry about someone nicking it while I grab a sandwich in the store.

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