trucker is longing to haul

I’ve been doing pretty good with my training on the short rides all week long. I do my commute, and get out at lunch a few times and make my ‘hilly loop’ around Roland Park. I don’t know if it is fatigue or just a mental block, but when it comes time for my long weekend ride I just have no desire to get out. This morning was rough, and I lost out in the end. A few nice store rides on Saturday, but I have to get off my butt. Just sitting around and drinking espresso in the morning is ok. It’s not what I need to do to get where I want to be. I look at the guys who ride 3, 4, and 5 thousand miles a year and just wonder if they have jobs, wives, kids, or any combination thereof. I suppose if I rode faster I could get more miles in — or if I woke up in the morning…

I found some really deep cracks in my Giro Helmet, so I decided to replace it. My first helmet was a Bell. The Giro was an internet closeout special and it fit ok enough, but never as well as the Bell so I decided to go to the store and try helmets on when I went to replace it. Bell won round 3, and I got a road helmet because I’m sick of the plastic visors always falling off the mountain helmets that I get. I got a cycling cap to wear underneath for a visor replacement and sweat control. It works well, but was too small. After a 20 minute store ride, I was stopped at a traffic light and could feel my pulse through the sweatband of the cap well enough to dance to it. Half an hour with the sewing machine when I got home and I extended the elastic in the back. It fits fine now and I’m not cutting off the circulation to my brain.

I was doing fine with my self-imposed moratorium on cycling consumerism until about 2 weeks ago when I started trawling my normal sites again looking at bikes and such. It’s easy to want, but it’s not as easy to get out and use what you already own.

Evening update:

Went out to the store a few minutes after writing this, as my wife said, “Do I have to kick you out the door myself?”. I had intended on going to the store and then riding a 10 mile loop to at least feel a little better about the weekend. After getting outside I was excited by how nice it was outside and really ready for an hour on the bike. My back tire was a little soft, so I went to pump it up at the store. It developed a small leak next to the stem. I went to swap it out with my spare tube because trying to pump it up made the leak worse. My spare tube had been folded up too tight for too long because it had a crack in the side. Instead of a ride, I had a nice walk back to my house instead. Thbbbt. Got home and made the swap, but we had dinner plans so that was it for today. Next week is another week. At least I ate well this week.

2 thoughts on “trucker is longing to haul

  1. I know this does nothing to help your situation, but I take great consolation in knowing that there is someone else out there going through the same agonizing “jones-ing to ride” mental episodes. My friend Phil was just telling me last night about his ride last week on the Great Allegheny Passage. I told him he was torturing me and that I was considering early retirement just to catch up to his riding habits. Where is the time?

  2. Part of it is the wish to get out and explore the great unknown, but the more frustrating part is finding the energy to put in all the mundane base miles necessary to be ready for the opportunities that present themselves.

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