feeling better 'bout things

With hypothetical centuries fast approaching, I was feeling like I wasted the opportunity to hit training hard in August. I feel stronger than last year at this time, but even though I’ve been taking lunch break rides and getting out for 20 milers on the weekend, I haven’t done an extended ride greater than 40 miles since… urm, my s240 this spring on the eastern shore? Jeez. My schedule didn’t jive with any BBC club ride, so I took the easy way out and decided to visit all corners of the NCR this weekend. Quarter till 6 on Saturday and I was up to get out the door and on the trail by dawn. For sunrise, there were an amazing number of people on the trail.

It was a straight line with predictable scenery as always. I stopped at Serenity Junction on mile 12 in PA and had the best scone that I’ve had in a long time and a cup of coffee. Good news is that with 82 + miles under my belt for the day, I felt well enough on Sunday that I would have gone out for another 40 (if I wasn’t already pre-occupied with other things). That’s a first for me after a hi-mile day. My pace was good for the day too even though I got caught up in traffic a few times, and had to slow for crossings a million other times.

Now for the bad news: There was very little elevation change, so it did not comprehensively address the challenges that await me next week.

I tried to compensate for the flat terrain by leaving my tires a little flat and carrying an extra 5 pounds of stuff. The weather was breezy, but sparkly and beautiful with sunshine and warm temps. The short sleeved Smartwool Jersey over a longsleeve base-layer Smartwool shirt displayed it’s awesome versatility yet again. I wish I had bought more when I saw ’em on sale.

Sunday evening, I did a clean and lube on the LHT, wax for some exposed points on the frame, a glaze of proofide for the saddle, a good dose of lube to get the limestone dust out of the chain and a quick check on the brakes to make sure there’s not metal or grit caught in the pads. Monday I did the 16 mile Roland/Homewood loop (which is more of a figure 8 ) and everything is dialed in pretty good.

I could be in better shape for this coming Saturday, but I feel much better about life than I did 72 hours ago… Bring it.


Ice Building in York. Looks like it’s faded when I compare it to my 2003 picture.


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