meh weekend

This weekend was in large part chopped into tiny bite sized pieces by social engagements that were planted strategically in the middle of the afternoon. Of course the weather was fantastic, so the sun taunted me from outside the banquet halls where I was stuck while the world was pedaling by.

I tried to break out for a 20 or 30 mile ride (my figure 8 with a loop around Druid Hill Park or someplace else to tack on a few miles.), but I ended up cutting it short after I had a mini-accident right outside of Robert E. Lee park. I went to hop one of the little speed bumps littering the road, got distracted for the blink of an eye and came down cockeyed on the right pedal. The crank spun back around and it was “burger-time” for my right shin. Grip King pedals are grippy, and most grippy metal things are also sharp. That wouldn’t have bothered me too much because I already have permanent scars 1/16″ deep on that leg, but when I missed the pedal, my backside came down on the horn of my favorite Brooks Saddle bending the rails down in the front by about 2/3″. To add insult to injury, I didn’t pack my multi-tool or phone for the first time in 100 rides, so I had no way of fixing it or contacting anyone. Having my saddle all tweaked and out of place made me go slow, and for the most part just want to go home and try to fix it. My 30 mile ride turned 14 in a second.

Back at home, I made some french-press and observed the damage for a few minutes. Using a 1/4″ socket ‘breaker-bar’ wrapped in an old tube for grip, I leveraged it back into place. I had to re-adjust the tension, but I think it should be ok with a little more tweaking. Normal riding pulls UP on the front saddle rails as best I can tell from putting downward pressure on the back with my hand while off the bike. I HOPE that the rails don’t sag, because…

  1. The leather top is perfect for me right now after 3500 miles,
  2. I easily saw myself using that saddle on some bike for the rest of my life at the rate I was adjusting the tension.
  3. My basement parts collection is littered with plastic saddles that I suffered through before I found Brooks, and just the thought of putting one of them back into circulation makes my backside ache.

By the time I got all that figured out it was time for the social function du jour so no ‘pick-up’ ride to squeak in the extra miles. I needed it too. All I did this weekend was eat, and nothing was even that good. It’s a first, but I’m asking “Is it Friday yet?” and it isn’t even Monday 🙂

On a good (but also stressful) note, I start my online pre-calc coursework tomorrow. Not sure what to expect, but I guess I’ll find out.


5 thoughts on “meh weekend

    • aah yes, Burgertime – I think they had that game in a laundromat I frequented in college. No, this was more like my shin being ground into hamburger. One of my friends used to call it ‘shinburger’ but I didn’t explain that part. That’s what I get for writing stuff out in 2 minutes…

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