Seagull Century 2009

Here’s the quick write up since I have to get back to quadratic functions and models. Good ride, rainy on and off… Main differences between this year and <last year> were the rain, and the extra 2000+ people. Most everything else was the same down to the insanely good mile 84 apple pie and rock-hard vanilla ice cream. I was up at 4:07 in the morning to get there and still got stuck in traffic parking for half an hour. Next year I’ll probably stay over the night before. 100 miles and being awake for 20 hours straight makes for a long day. I still had fun. Click on any of the photos for bigger.


Mile 23 rest stop port-o-pot line from hell…

I lugged my big camera along to get a nice hi-res picture of the farmhouse I shot last year, but they planted corn in the field instead of soybean so it looked completely different. It was cloudy and not really good for pictures anyway. For the most part, the camera was just along for the ride with my spare shirt, sunscreen and sandwich. I had intended on packing lighter for this ride after the CWC, but then I remembered all the people in 2008 and decided a little self sufficiency might be a good thing. It worked out to my advantage, and I only had to sit in one 20 minute line for sickeningly sweet ‘All-Sport’ energy drink at mile 64. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be that sweet, or they just mixed it wrong, but I got cavities just looking at it…


Mile 84 rest stop pond with permanent residents…


LHT ‘Where’s Waldo’ time…


Answer Key and typical Trucker shot…

Craziest cool thing I saw all day was a custom recumbent tandem where the stoker sat facing backwards. I can’t imagine what it would be like to pedal backwards for 100 miles. Kind of like riding in the back of an ’80’s station wagon. I was moving so I didn’t have the camera out.


Awesome bike for any kid who wants a better view of the ride…

Last year my computer times were 101.43miles/14.5average/26.2max. This year the numbers were 99.95miles/15.6average/26max. The weather was cruddier this year, and it felt like there were headwinds and tailwinds from multiple directions, as opposed to the steady wind from the coastline in ’08. I averaged 1 mile an hour better, and aside from ducking behind a few riders here and there for a draft I think I earned it. I ate and drank at the right times. That helped me keep my energy up. I didn’t train as hard as last summer but I was carrying 16 pounds less of me.

After the ride John and Jennie let me crash at their place since I was too lazy to book the Holiday Inn before they sold out. Just like last year we had a big dinner, a beer, a little hanging out, and I was passed out on their couch with big x’s over my eyes. What a day!


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