Goodbye 220's

Well I visit on the early days of the week after my Sat/Sun hi-sodium and occasionally alcohol fueled diet, but I’ve been in the high 210’s on Friday for a month straight. Been at least 6 years since I’ve been able to say that and probably much-much longer. Celebrated just like I promised myself 6 months ago with a little order to Velo-Orange. Their new Squeal-Free Brake pads and a Croissant bag. Nothing installed yet, so I can’t review, but it all looks very nice. Looking forward to having a very small amount of free time in the weeks to come. After the Seagull Century 2 weeks ago, and the wedding I was in last weekend, I’ve been working NONSTOP on class stuff. Ask me something about graphing polynomials or inverse functions. Another 2 weeks of 80% effort and I should be back on track.

Came out of work this afternoon and got a little pick-me-up when a passerby complimented me on my bike as I was leaving. I chat for a little bit about putting over 3200 miles on it, riding to work, and the fringe benefits (enjoying ones commute, losing 40 pounds in 2 years, and free parking).


4 thoughts on “Goodbye 220's

    • I have KoolStop Salmons on the Trucker right now that are wearing ok, the back ones are quiet but the front ones have a little squeak that I can’t get rid of no matter how I toe in the pads or adjust the l/r tension. If I can find a half hour I’ll throw the new pads on. I have high hopes for them.

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