They Don't Squeak

I had a few minutes this weekend to make some mech changes and dust off the 1×7 for the winter commute. Even though the old pads in the back had a little life left in them, I pulled out the Velo-Orange pads I got a few weeks ago and installed them. Squeak free is the way they sound which is nice. The installation went very easy since I didn’t toe them in. I swear I read  somewhere on the VO site that you didn’t need to, but I can’t find it to link to now. No matter, they work and that’s what counts. Braking action seems a little softer than my old pads, but comparing the braking surface area of one to the other, the VO’s were about 25% smaller than my old ones. Only time will tell how they wear, how they work in the wet (missed the rain on Saturday), and how kind they are to the rims. My large size and start-stop city riding make me a perfect test candidate. For the 20 mile review I give them the thumbs up.

I’ll get around to all the other little tweaks later.


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