Tour De Homewood

I got my quiz work done for the week ahead of time, and had the chance to duck out for a few hours today for the Tour De Homewood, sponsored by the Greater Homewood Community Organization and promoted by the guys over at NBBB among others (great job & thanks to all those who helped organize!). It was a great little ride (around 24 miles for me including to and fro…) for a great cause. It was nice to get out of the cave for a few hours and this was the first time I’ve been on a bike for more than 15 minutes since the Seagull Century. I left the house with 3 layers, a hat, and gloves on. By the time I got there I had stuffed all the extra clothes I could in my topeak wedge and I was still burning up for most of the ride. Didn’t know it was going to feel like June out when I left the house… Glad I didn’t take a camera or I would’ve had to wear my jacket too. Anyway, it was a nice diversion, and now it’s back to work.


5 thoughts on “Tour De Homewood

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    • Hi back!, I’ve been in my own little world as of late, get up, go to work, come home, chores, homework, sleep, repeat. You caught me ‘in the wild’ in one of the 15 minute segments where I’m actually alive and alert. Congrats! 🙂

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